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285 multi-fandom icons: '80s Movies, American Idol, Bride & Prejudice, Can't Hardly Wait, Disney, Friends, Gap Commercials, Queer As Folk, Step Up/Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan, Taye Diggs/Idina Menzel, Two Weeks Notice, Veronica Mars, Vin Diesel/Michelle Rodriguez, What I Like About You

Includes: Ace Young, Taylor Hicks, Elliott Yamin, Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul, Justin Guarini, Season 1, Season 5, etc.

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Me (2003)

Gifts! (crossposted)

Well, tonight is the final showdown and in celebration of that, I come bearing gifts for my fellow Soul Patrollers. A lot of gifts. I have 275 Taylor Icons, 2 Wallpapers and a Brand New Photo Gallery to share. :)


Click here for all 75 Finished/Fancy icons

Bases and Simple Icons: Click here for 25 icons and a link to the other 175

I created a Taylor Hicks Photo Gallery last night and have added almost 1,500 photos and graphics, including high quality screencaps I've created from all of Taylor's performances.

Last but not least, Two Wallpapers.

Feel free to take whatever you like, just please comment and credit ladyheatherlly. I did put a lot of work into these. :)
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3 Simple Taylor Icons

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Yes, these are icons of Taylor's homecoming in the Riverchase Galleria on Friday.  There are only three because my photography on Friday wasn't that stellar (mostly because Taylor was all over the stage...)  lol.  The original pictures are here.  The only things I did to the pictures themselves for making the icons was brightening up the colors a bit.

I'm going to allow any icon makers to make their own icons with my pictures.  If you make an icon for your own personal use, then credit for me isn't necessary.  However, if you make an icon post with icons from my pictures, then credit is necessary.  :)

My rules for these icons...

DO NOT use the icon I'm using right now (third time's a charm).  I made that one for myself.  :)
Credit is greatly appreciated, but not totally necessary.  :)


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